Helping software engineers to get a job in a humane way

Japan market

We welcome you even if you do not in Japan currently

Competitive Salary

According to, the median of a software engineer salary in Japan is ¥7,800,000/year

Exciting market

Fintech, Crypto, Automotive and more!

Working culture

work-life balance (yes!). English environment. Work from anywhere.

Let us help you

peace of mind

peace of mind

The job-hunting process is stressful. We will make sure you get the support in each step while making sure you go through the best hiring process.

  • writing a CV

  • best scheduling

  • salary negotiation

interview preparation

We hate it too. Live-coding, domain knowledge interview, system design interview, behavioural interview. No one does this in their daily job, but they are somehow needed. Our vision is to do this once, and help you apply everywhere (sounds like write once run everywhere?) but it’s not possible yet now.

Luckily interview is a skill, and skill can be trained. The only way to make it less suck is to prepare. We help people to prepare.

interview preparation
interview resources like a library

variety of company

Job boards have too much information but also too little. Talk to someone to understand companies culture, latest markets insights, interview process and to know where do you stand

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