System Design Interview

We know. Most of the time, job interviews suck. Practices make it less suck

The key is to mix your learning mode.

Passive Learning Mode: Preparation

You might find a lot of resources on the internet but here, I want to keep it small so that it could help you to begin preparing while doesn't overload you with a lot of resources that you would never complete. Reading articles and watching videos help, but those are passive learning. In the end, I believe backend system design requires you to be an active learner

For preparation I recommend:

Active Learning Mode: Practice

If you are seeking someone to help you to prepare, we are here for you. For the record, I have been helping 20+ candidates to prepare their system design interviews and I received a lot of positive feedback.

“He's very helpful and I really benefit a lot from this mock session.” - Candidate L

The input for time allocation is really helpful. Which I think I did not behave very well all this part in previous interviews” - Candidate L

“Very friendly and patient explanation for me who is having such type of interview the very first time. Pointed out couples of key points for improvement.” - Candidate F

How does it work?

You can view my candidate past practice here


When is the best timing to schedule a practice session?

ASAP once you know you are going to have a system design interview. It's best to see how you do after a few days of passive learning.

What are companies that conduct system design interviews in Japan market?

ByteDance, DoorDash, foodpanda, SmartNews, PayPay, circleci, Square